The agony and the ecstacy of engineering

Engineering Channel by oxdottir

Engineering brings us so many joys and so many problems. This channel is for discussion of the good and the bad of engineering, and even for times when people claim they are using sound engineering arguments and most certainly are not. It is also for discussions of the ethics of the use of engineering and the societal repercussions of engineering decisions.

Lazy Game Reviews (LGR)'s Interactive Command Line & Videos

Lazy Game Reviews (LGR) [lots of hidden stuff like playable online old games -- you can cheat by viewing its web page source code ]'s YouTube channel has maybe hundred videos, for over eleven/11 years, showing his "Weekly coverage of retro tech, PC games, and more! Classic computer gaming, Oddware, thrifting, Tech Tales, Sims, etc..."

Too many flashbacks for this old school ant!

WTMRecut's YouTube channel - Parodies from TV & movies!

WTMRecut's YouTube channel has several parodied videos from movie/f(lick/ilm)s and tel(evision/lly)/TV s(erie/how)s. They can be amusing too.

For an example with its recent video from Reddit with this amusing a 1.25 minutes YouTube video showing "Ripley Power Loader FAIL | 'Aliens' Recut -- Ripley offers her Power Loader skills to Hicks and Apone...but she may need to go back to training..." -- I submitted into


If you like retro PC gaming, then check out Phil's YouTube channels of video goodies:

"Every generation has their retro time, and every era is exciting, unique and deserves some love. What combines all of them are the games. But many games don't run well on modern machines, so I like to build retro gaming PCs or, like I call them: time machines!

Be it DOS with Sound Blaster and Roland music, a Windows 98 gaming machine with 3dfx Voodoo graphics, Windows XP, which covers a massive range of games up to around 2007 and newer stuff. They are all cool and interesting.

I am a bit of penny pincher and get a kick out of buying cheap parts, that once cost a small fortune and re-living the past. My modern PC is fairly average, but my retro PCs are quite cool and I like to pick legendary or iconic parts that represent milestones and bring back good memories.

I think that my videos are quite unique, I do all sorts of different ones, if you like a bit of everything you will enjoy them!"

"Nostalgia Nerd" YouTube video channel.

"I'm Nostalgia Nerd... I have an addiction to Nostalgia. I talk about software, hardware, games, toys, programmes, magazines and other things from the 70s, 80s and 90s, with a dry wit/humour (some say). The channel's main focus is computer related items from the 80s & 90s.

I aim to publish at least 1 video per week, sometimes several. I don't have a schedule... I just whack one out when I feel like it (filth)..."

Lots of cool episodes for old school geeks like me.

Lessons from the Screenplay

"I believe that a more informed audience raises the bar for storytelling. That examining the techniques used to tell great stories makes your own writing better and your appreciation for the stories deeper.

With Lessons from the Screenplay, I make videos that analyze movie scripts to examine exactly how and why they are so good at telling their story. Part educational series and part love letter to awesome films, Lessons from the Screenplay aims to be a fun way to learn more about your favorite films and help us all become better storytellers.

I’ll be releasing new videos every couple weeks, and taking suggestions about what scripts I should look at in future episodes."

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